Going to Grandma’s House (Part 4): Wanderer’s Treasures

Nov 23, 2013 | Life | 0 comments

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Travelogue: Going to Grandma's HouseTravelogue: Going to Grandma's HouseGoing to Grandma’s House (Part 1): Taking Time For Me Going to Grandma’s House (Part 2): Beginning My Trip Going to Grandma’s House (Part 3): A Damn Good Sandwich! Going to Grandma’s House (Part 4): Wanderer’s Treasures […]
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This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Travelogue: Going to Grandma's House

Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C.

After I left Pittsburgh, I was headed to D.C. by Amtrak train. That was my very first time riding the train…I was anxious at first, but it turned out to be a pretty good experience. It was a 6-hour ride, and I’d slept the entire ride because it was through the night.

I got to D.C. around 1:30 PM where I’d had another 6-hour layover. I was shocked by Union Station…it was a full-blown mall!!! While I was there, because I hadn’t had much money to spend leisurely, I’d walked around Union Station Mall, exploring all the stores. Afterward, I walked outside and saw the Christopher Columbus monument and the Liberty Bell…I also got attacked by a flock of pigeons. LOL

I walked around for a couple of minutes or so, and then I wandered my way into the National Postal Museum…it was free to enter. 🙂 I was amazed at how many stamps there were, how valuable a small adhesive piece of paper could be, and how big stamp collecting was, and hogback then they made stamps to be a valued entity for years to come. Along with the stamps, in the museum, there was also a gallery area dedicated to postal mail and how it had evolved over time as well.

As part of my visit to the museum I was able to start my own stamp collection at a set-up in one of the exhibits, I got to choose 6 stamps from 3 bins full of stamps. I’d known there were a wide variety of stamps from the hours I’d just spent wandering around the museum, but it was interesting going through all of the stamps trying to find 6 stamps that I’d like to have for myself.

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